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Hi! Romania is blooming economically and politically these days. Now is the moment for the smart moves in searching opportunities and involving in a developing country. We are a romanian company in the business to assist businessmen and investors all over the world who are interested in Romanian market. We explore business opportunities in this region, conduct research, we coordinate business development and expansion/implementation plans. We represent clients in day-to-day matters by conducting our services in compliance with international practiced confidentiality. First of all, please let me tell you a few things about us. We are a real estate agency, SC Perlings SRL ( ), based in Transylvania, Romania, which intermediates sellings or buyings of agricultural lands, lands for constructions, production places, buying or selling of buildings, villas, warehouses, offices, farms etc.... Our company was founded in 2003, by its single owner, privat investment, Miss. Tamas Cornelia, with e lot of experience from German real estates field. My name is Sebastian Tiplea, I am sales manager in the company. We have offers from all over Romania, we would be interested in a way of colaboration,we could help you find the right opportunity,we have dozens of buildings for sale or for rent.Romania now is a Euro Union country where lots of new opportunities are coming. At the same time the real estate are cheap if we take the Euro countries for comparison.You can buy the land through us in Romania for the cheapest prices. I can provide you two directions for investing: 1. With a regular income-producing investment (something that would generate revenue on a monthly basis) In this matter I can recomand you to buy apartments from our portofolio, ( still under construction or finalised buildings, see the pictures down....) based in the big cities of the country, universitary centers, industrial or turistical interested cities, where still is a need for residential homes. It can provide monthly incom either by reselling or renting. Also we got land, and old buildings, in the downtown of the major cities, ideal for construction of office buildings or hotel. 2.Or more of a long-term investment ( which would not generate income right away, but would give you the greatest rate of return ). Also we got land, and old buildings, in the outskirts of the major cities, ideal for construction of production places, relocating manufacture businesses, etc�. I wait to hear from you, till then have a great day! Agentia imobiliara Perlings Tiplea Sebastian Sales Manager tel: 0722-553 861 fax: 0361-801 881
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